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Kitchen faucet KBS - A Z30.L

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   The fundamental difference between this type of faucets and the mixer for bathtubs and sinks is the design of the spout, which determines the basic functions of the mixer for the kitchen. The length of the "nose" for this type of mixer is from 25 cm to 30 cm. It is worth paying attention to the type of spout - in addition to the traditional form, available with an arcuate shape. Models with a high spout allow you to increase the space for washing dishes. Thus, washing high pots and drawing water into a large container is not difficult.

A type Dual valve
Mounting Per item
Body material Siluminic
Coating Chromium
Spout Curved, cast, 300 mm
Stop valve Axle box, flywheel "Armatura"
Mount Brass nut
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