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Bath screens

An ideal bathroom is not only a place for taking water procedures. It is also a home location for relaxation, a place where you can forget about daytime stresses and problems. Therefore, the decor of the bathroom should please with its design, practicality and functionality.

An important aspect in the design of a bathroom is the ability to hide bottles, tools, which are cluttered in space, etc. An excellent solution in this situation may be to create a niche for storing important household items. For example, screens for the bathroom can hide the plumbing from the eyes and close the bath from the floor to the top. Also, with their help, you can organize a place for storing household chemicals and various little things needed in the bathroom. It is very convenient and practical. A variety of colors and patterns of such screens allows you to choose the most suitable product for the bathroom interior. This allows you to create a single style in the design of the living space.

The design of the screen for the bath provides for the following components:

➢ frame (manufacturing materials: steel, plastic, aluminum);

➢ sliding sash or fixed panel;

➢ fixing system.

If necessary, you can adjust the length of the legs of the structure. This greatly facilitates installation, for example, when the installation of the screen is planned before the completion of finishing work. Adjustable legs provide a height change of up to 10 cm.

"ODAProm" online store offers a wide selection of plastic screens of various types, sizes and colors. Here you will also find the necessary accessories for these plumbing products. These bath screens are resistant to water, quite practical to use, so they will last you for many years.

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